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Hello, my name is Katherine Abar and after many years of substitute teaching and part time teaching at STM I am pleased to join the staff on a full time basis.  Before I got married and started a family I taught for eight years in Jefferson County.  After that I took 11 years off to stay home with my children.  My husband and I have four children, all of whom attend STM.  When our youngest entered Kindergarten this Fall the transition was perfectly timed and I believe blessed by God.  I am truly grateful to be a member of the STM staff and am looking froward to a successful year!

As a parent and teacher in the STM community I have a unique perspective on the importance of giving my students the very best I have to offer.  I look forward to a partnership with parents along with staff and administration in which we can watch our students grow and learn in a well-rounded and holy manner.  I look forward to meeting everyone and I welcome any and all questions and comments.


Katherine Abar

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Grade 5-Abar Math-March 23-27

Abar Math-Grade 5 Distant Learning Plans-March 23-27 Please take this week to complete lessons 9.7 and 9.8. I will review all of Chapter 9 with you next week when we move to video teaching. Do your best! Classwork consists of the “Show and Grow” problems from each lesson and Homework consists of “Homework & Practice” Read More

Grade 4-Abar Math-March 23-27

Abar Math-Grade 4 Distant Learning Plans March 23-27 You have 2 days to complete each lesson. Lesson 3: Workbook pgs. 123-126. IXL: O.1, O.5, O.9, O.10 Lesson 4: Workbook pgs. 127-130. IXL O.6, O.7 If time, please review Measurement Skills on IXL. Attempt to get 100% or “3 ribbons” on 1-3 skill assignments.

Grade 3-Abar Math-March 23-27

Abar Math-Grade 3 Distant Learning Plans March 23-26 Monday, March 23-24: Lesson 14.5 Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions You have 2 days to complete this lesson. Review Concepts on pg. 148 and use 149. Use the Guided Practice questions on these pages to help you with this concept. Teacher Tip: Anything over itself is 1. Read More

Distance Learning March 16-20

Grade 3 Chapter 14: Fractions Day 1: Lesson 14.1 Understanding Fractions-Textbook Review concept on pg. 117 and use Guided Practice problems #1-13 as practice with this concept. Complete Practice 1 in workbook (pgs. 91-920) for homework. iXL homework: W.7 Day 2: Lesson 14.2 Understanding Equivalent Fractions-Textbook Review concept on pg. 121 and use Guided Practice Read More

March 9-13

3rd Grade: Chapter 13 Test will be on Tuesday, 3/10. We will begin Chapter 14: Lessons 14.1-14.2 4th Grade: Begin Chapter 11: Lessons 11.1-11.3 5th Grade: Chapter 8 Test will be on Tuesday, 3/10. We will begin Chapter 9: Lessons 9.1-9.3

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