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Hello, my name is Julie Hefele and I am from Tustin, California. I graduated from LMU with my B.A. in Liberal Studies for Elementary Education and my M.A. in Child and Adolescent Literacy. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2008. We are very busy with 4 fun-loving children!  It has been such a blessing to be a stay at home mom since my oldest was born in 2009, but am so excited to be working in a Catholic school again.

I am a former Second Grade Catholic school teacher. I have spent time teaching and tutoring students in all grades preschool-8th, including special needs.  I love that each child learns differently and am so thrilled to be working at STM full time this year as the K-5 Learning Specialist!

Since each child has their own learning style—visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and/or tactile—it is my passion to discover which modality is best in order to enrich their learning experience. I want to set each child up for success!  I will work closely with parents and teachers to help motivate, support, and ensure that the child becomes a life-long learner.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email. I have experience working with students who have learning difficulties, need homework support--organizational/study/test taking skills, or enrichment. I have been trained in many literacy practices, including the Orton-Gillingham Approach and Lindamood-Bell Instruction. I also specialize in administering reading assessments, identifying reading difficulties, and providing multi-sensory intervention strategies.

I am available:

M-F 7:15-3:15 and

By appointment

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Favorite Free Learning Apps

My Favorite FREE Learning Apps   Fine Motors: Kids Puzzles (drag puzzle pieces)   ABC Kids (tracing upper and lower case letters)   Letter/Sound Identification: ABC Kids (ABC identification, matching)   Reading (Word Automaticity, Fluency, comprehension):   RIVET (can touch word and it reads it to you, books start with a word list, before reading Read More

Brain Break Ideas (Quiet vs. Active)

Brain Break Ideas: Quiet vs. Active Students that are negatively affected by overstimulation or those that need more of a sensory brain break, try these: Chewing gum Eating a crunchy snack Tactile activities (playdough, water play, rice tray, sand box, theraputty) Meditation Exercise (stretches) Calming music Drawing Stacking blocks Easy puzzles   Students that re-energize Read More

Learning Resources and Distance Learning

Learning Resources and Distance Learning   Dear STM Parents and Students, The best advice I can give is to have your child set up their space with materials like pencils, paper, markers, post-its, white board, expo markers…along with a visual schedule of subjects to-do and time frames.  Include snack times, and even brain breaks. Please Read More

Supporting VS Enabling Homework Time

When it comes to homework time, helping your child is important, but did you know there is a difference between supporting and enabling them during homework time? The goal of “…support should always be to empower your child to move forward toward a greater stability and more independence…  To enable is to inadvertently reinforce an Read More

What’s your child’s learning style?

Learning Styles Identifying your child’s learning style can help with many things such as homework, studying, classroom learning and  other daily tasks.  Even though most people use all their senses while learning, there is usually one that is preferential for your child. Auditory Learners: Learn best by hearing or listening Prefer to talk about a Read More

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CA Certified Reading Specialist, Loyola Marymount University

M.A., Child & Adolescent Literacy, Loyola Marymount University

CA CLEAR Teaching Credential

B.A., Liberal Studies for Elementary Education


Appointed : 2018


K-5 Learning Specialist