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Calendar Raffle

Every year, leading up to the Mane Event, we have our Calendar Raffle. Every day in November, STM will hold a daily drawing for a prize in the amount of $100, $250, $500, or $1,200! Tickets to enter the drawing are only $10 apiece and a single ticket is entered into every daily drawing. We ask that every family at STM sell at least 20 tickets to help with our fundraising efforts. It’s an easy way to support our school AND it’s a chance for our supporters to win money!

For each ticket sold, please keep in mind:

  1. When selling a ticket, make sure to fill out the bottom portion of the ticket and detach it
  2. Return it to the school office, along with payment
  3. The purchaser may keep the top portion of their ticket
  4. Winners will be contacted if their name is drawn
  5. Per Colorado State Raffle Law, all unsold tickets must be returned to the school prior to the start of the raffle drawings
  6. Please return ALL tickets, both sold and unsold, to the school office no later than Tuesday, October 22, 2024

**NOTE: Any tickets received after October 28th will NOT be included in the drawing.

In order to get STM Parishioners involved in our fundraising efforts, STM school families have the opportunity to help sell Calendar Raffle tickets at all the Masses on September 7-8 and October 19-20. If your family would like to assist with selling Calendar Raffle tickets at STM Masses, please keep an eye out in email for a Sign Up Genius to select a mass. This is a great opportunity to earn volunteer service hours!