Elementary School


Building Futures Together through
Faith & Academic Excellence

An STM Catholic education is a joyful process of discovery, growth, and enlightenment.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and search for answers; to share their ideas, opinions, and perspective; to think critically, creatively, and independently in the light of reason and truth; and to discern with their hearts, as well as their minds.

The smith family

STM Catholic classes are characterized by the enthusiastic engagement of both students and teachers in the learning process. This energized learning environment is fostered by the quality of our faculty, the character of our students, and the simple principles upon which we base our instructional approach. These principles are as follows:

  • We expect students to be active, fully engaged participants in their own education.
  • We expect students to be fully supportive, positive contributors to the shared learning experience within every classroom.
  • We expect students to be understanding and respectful of the achievements, experiences, and perspectives of their teachers and peers.
  • We expect students to be bold in reaching for academic challenge, knowing they can rely on the guidance of their teachers and the support of their peers.

The other day, we were discussing things to be thankful for. My 6 year old raised her hand and said “God.” Priceless. Of all the things I could give my child in this world, the greatest gift is a relationship with Christ. I’m thankful to STM for fostering that!

Melissa Ogburn

STM Catholic encourages its students to pursue their special academic talents and interests in the hope that knowledge, diligently sought, will serve not only the individual well but also God and others.