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STM Catholic recognizes that there is great educational value to be gained through the playing of sports. Our athletic program endeavors to develop physical capabilities in every student and to promote in each such qualities as courage, confidence, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

Sports Offered

STM Catholic’s athletic programs are made possible through our participation in the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL). The following athletic opportunities are available to students in grades 5–8. Varsity teams are considered to be composed of 7th and 8thgrade students. Junior Varsity teams are composed of 5th and 6th grade students.








Flag-Football (Grades 3-8)





Flag-Football (Grades 3-8)



Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a nationally acclaimed, program, we offer to St. Thomas More Catholic School girl students in grades 3-5.  It is organized by parent volunteers.  It combines running with a fun, health education lesson plan.  This program promotes individual achievement and self-confidence.  Girls gain self-esteem and learn healthy lifestyle habits while training for a 5K run/walk race.

TGA Golf Class

St. Thomas More Catholic School provides fall and spring golf lessons through TGA Premier Junior Golf Club.  In this 10-week all-age, all skills program. TGA Golf Class supplies the equipment and features:

  • Group and individual instruction
  • Physical activity and stretching
  • Rules and etiquette lessons
  • Applying math, science and other educational concepts
  • Life lessons including sportsmanship and teamwork

Play Like A Champion Today Sports Ministry

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools Athletic League has adopted the Play Like a Champion Today (PLACT) Sports as a Ministry Program from the University of Notre Dame. The Sports as a Ministry initiative of the Play Like a Champion Educational Series is a research-based, child-centered curriculum designed to:
· Help us recognize the spiritual nature of sports
· Train youth sport coaches to be effective ministers
· Promote the moral and character development of our youth

All coaches and assistant coaches attend a “Coaches Workshop” and are certified to coach in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools Athletic League. Coaches and assistant coaches receive a PLACT workshop certificate along with a badge indicating our solidarity and commitment to the CSAL and PLACT.

All parents of students participating in CSAL programs are required to attend a “Parents Workshop” and receive a PLACT workshop certificate indicating our solidarity and commitment to the CSAL and PLACT.   Families are required to attend only one workshop.  The workshop must be completed before the child can participate in a sport-no grace period will be provided.

Concussion Policy

Effective in the 2012-2013 School Year, the Archdiocese of Denver adopted the following Concussion Policy to be enforced for each athletic season.  Also, all coaches and assitant coaches are required to complete a State of Colorado approved concussion course.  The course needs to be completed before the first practice.  At successfully completing the course, provide a copy the certificate to your school’s Athletic Director.