Work at Home-March 16-20 and March 23-27


Dear Second Grade Families:   

We hope this Blog finds you all well and hope that this time will find all of you blessed and at peace with some true quality time. 

I look forward to seeing all of you this Monday from 8:00-4:00 to pick up your child’s materials for the next two weeks. Know that I am here for your assistance to help where needed. You can email me when necessary or you feel you need to, as I am happy to assist.

IMPORTANT: Attached you will find the first two weeks lessons along with the parent letter.

Please understand that this blog will be somewhat similar to what you are used to.  However, I will update weekly with the specific home assignments following the Blog and a daily check in will be implemented on the Blog. Also, understand that you will also receive a paper copy on Monday for two weeks of the lesson plans including the family letter. 

This Wednesday parents will administer a Math Test on Chapter 13 on. Measurement. Spelling homework should be done by Thursday along with the Spelling Test to be administered by parents on Friday. The decodable summary books will be sent home on Monday. NO decodable project due as the students will be still completing their Diorama Chapter Book project which is due on March 27th to be turned in on Monday the 30.

Week of March 16- 20, 2020

Week at a Glance:

Math-Chapter 13 on Measurement.  Parents will administer a test on Wednesday, chapter 13. We will also continue to reinforce the measurement skills we will add several worksheets and projects in an effort to continue to learn how to use a ruler to estimate and measure length; find the difference ;in lengths of objects; measure length to the nearest inch; find the difference in lengths of objects in inches; play measurement games with supplements. We will continue to learn to tell time; work in their workbook and supplements.  Also, please continue to help your child to review their multiplication and division math facts as this is important for their retention.

Open Court-Unit 4 lesson 4: we will blend words and build oral language skills and fluency skills; sounds: oo sounds;  Groups Read: “Volcano Rising”; and “Busy Bees”; prefixes- non and re; proofreading symbols; concentrate on informational texts; continue to identify homophones and multiple word meanings; use the prefixes dis and un; cause and effect; personal narratives; write a draft; analyze and evaluate the personal narrative; punctuation symbols; colons; quotations; items in a series; apply comprehensive strategies; narrative writing skills; action tales; draft; graphic organizer; identify quotation marks; main idea and details; asking and answering questions and making connections; describe story elements; compare and contrast and sequence; characters; events in a story; understand the author’s purpose; identify fact and opinion; visualize and ask and answer questions; classify and categorize; classifying characters;  compound words; cause and effect; adverbs and adjectives; rhyming words; silent letters; synonyms and antonyms; complete and incomplete sentences; word and sentence dictation;  capitalize days, months, holidays, cities and states; learn to make inferences: using information provided in a text along with what you already know to understand the details the author’s purpose and genre; we will focus this week on writing to inform; and continue daily work in journals; clarify and make connection

Religion– LENT; discuss Lent; work out of Totally Lent Books; Matthew 23:1-12 Jesus said, “All who brag about themselves will be humbled, and those who are humble will be praised.” Luke 16:19-21; Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46; Luke 15:1-3,11-32; Continue to REVIEW and TEST prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Glory Be; and daily reflections from the Bible.

Social Studies-Unit 5, World of Many People:  Cultures around the world.


*Wednesday: please continue calendar parent initials on reading of decodable books and math fact practice.

*Wednesday: Math Test chapter 13-measurement

*Thursday: Spelling homework should be done

*Friday: Spelling Test administered by parents

*Diorama Chapter Book project due on March 27th. to be turned in on Monday, March 3oth.



Week off[1]

Week from home March 23-27

Distance Learning letter[1]

Peace and Hope-Ms. Wink