Week of November 12, 2018


RELIGION – In Lesson 11, we learned about the apostles and how Jesus called them to follow him. We talked about how we can follow him, too.

VIRTUE OF THE MONTH: Courtesy – being thoughtful of others

SAINT OF THE MONTH: Saint Martin de Porres

MATH –We identified, classified, and described plane shapes. Vocabulary this week included: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, side, corner, sort, color, alike, different, shape, and size.

LANGUAGE ARTS – In Unit 4, Lesson 1 we isolated sounds in words and generated words that contain the sound of er, spelled er, irur and ear. We also learned to blend, spell and read words that contain the sound of ng, spelled ng. Our Read Aloud stories this week werePeter Pan by J.M. Barrie and Me and My Shadow by Amy Too. Reading skills that we worked on included: visualizing and summarizing. We learned that an exclamatory sentence tells about a person who is surprised or shows excitement. This kind of sentence ends with an exclamation point. We read decodable books 49-51 and they went home. I hope they continue to read them to you at home!


COATS AND SNACKS:  Please make sure your child has what they need for the weather.  Our first recess is at 9:30 in the morning.  It is often quite cold at that time.  Also, thank you for sending in more food for your children.  Please keep it up!  Although we only break for snack twice during the day, most of the kids are happiest when they have at least two different snacks to eat at EACH of their breaks.

THANKSGIVING MASS: The school Thanksgiving Mass will be on Tuesday, November 13. Once again, 1st grade students are asked to bring oranges or grapefruit to school for the Mass. Student council will sort and deliver all our harvest time items to the Samaritan House. Thank you!

SPELLING WORDS: For this week’s spelling words, please go to VocabularySpellingCity.com. I hope your child is enjoying this site while learning their spelling words at the same time!


NOVEMBER BIRTHDAY WISHES TO: Megan Hartman and Andreas Bonvicino