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Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great day of learning and some fun with St. Patrick’s Day!

Fiction is such a great way to explore history, science, the future and so many other subjects.  These stories can bring to life subjects that many students find dry at first.  I will never forget the Christmas my Aunt sent me The Little House on the Prairie series and the hours my Mom and I spent reading them together.  My son and I have found the same excitement and enjoyment with the I Survived series.  His favorite book is I Survived The Nazi Invasion.  Mine is I Survived The Japanese Tsunami.  My husband, the American History buff, loved I Survived the American Revolution.  I was extremely excited with Scholastic released this video from Lauren Tarsish, the author of the series, on the American Revolution History Museum in Philadelphia.  My family enjoyed watching the video and seeing Ms. Tarsish’s book come to life before our eyes!  Check out the video below to see more from her visit.

Historical Fiction does not only apply to chapter books.  Picture books are a great way to introduce ideas and events to early readers.  Check out John, Paul, George, and Ben and read along as the author imagines our Founding Fathers as young children.  This book is funny, engaging preschool through 3rd grade with funny anticidotes about the Founding Fathers while teaching a virtue that each man possessed.


Have more great fiction books you and your family love?  Let me know!

Rachel Espinosa
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