Suggestions for PE and Reading

**These are two fun PE workouts

from Mr. Dahn.  They can also be found on Mr. Dahn’s blog.



GREEN               Jumping Jacks

RED                    Crunches or Sit-Ups (if on carpet)

BLUE                  Squats (slow, chin up, heels on floor)

YELLOW             Push-ups (modified on knees or regular)

WILD                  Run in place for 30 seconds

Reverse              Person it gets reversed to holds a stretch for 30 seconds

Skip                    Person skipped does 5 high jumps (feet slightly wider than shoulders, squat low and explode upward with arms beginning low and finishing up high)


To Play:

  1. Place UNO cards face down on playing surface. Mix cards up thoroughly and leave spread out like you would for Go Fish!
  2. Determine who will go first and begin in a clockwise direction.
  3. In turn, players select one card from the Exercise Trough and perform the number on the card for the activity listed above for each color.
  4. Game continues until all cards have been used.
  5. Play again but change the exercises- be creative! (-:


Sample Exercises: Wall Sits, Calf Raises, Arm Circles, Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Step-Ups, Arm Circles, Airplane (balance on one leg while leaning forward with arms extended to the sides like wings), Windmills, Overhead Arm Presses, Shadow Boxing, Side-To-Side Jumps

Sample Stretches: Hanging Toe-Touch, Shoulder (pull right arm across body to the left, switch arms), Tricep (bend arm next to ear with hand touching the back- pull on elbow slowly pushing arm backward), Butterfly, Seated Toe-Touch, Slow Neck Roll. for Kids)


Hi everyone,

Friday (3:00pm), Ben Clanton, author of the Narwhal and Jelly series is hosting a free author visit on Facebook Live.  I know we have many Narwhal and Jelly fans as well as kiddos who love to draw.  Mr. Clanton will be talking about his books and giving a drawing demonstration.  I will put the link on my blog. It is attached below for anyone who might like to share with your classes.

His Facebook page also has fun, simple activities for kiddos as well.

Mrs. Espinoza-STM Librarian