September 17 – 21

Give to them freely and unselfishly, and the Lord will bless you in everything you do.

~Deuteronomy 15:10

This week begins our Mane Event Kickoff!  I have included the Scripture passage above to help us all reflect on the abundant blessings we have here at St. Thomas More, due well in part to the generous hearts of the past.  Please consider what you can do to help support Mane Event 2018!  Here is the schedule of events for the week:

Monday, September 17th – “Wild Things” Free Dress Day: Show your support for the Mane Event by participating in the whole school free dress day by dressing like your favorite “Wild Thing!”

Tuesday, September 18th – Donations for Christ in the City:  Donations needed include lip balm, hot chocolate packets, pens and small notepads, combs, emery boards (non-metal), soft breakfast bars.  Also needed are travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, soap, tissue, lotion, hand wipes (no liquids).

Wednesday, September 19th – Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night!  On September 19th between 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., visit a participating Chick-Fil-A to show your spirit.


9091 Westview Rd,

Lone Tree, CO 80124


3700 E Highlands Ranch Pkwy,

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


950 Cpl Max Donahue Ln,

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Thursday, September 20th – Pastries for Parents:  Drop your kids off at car line and join Mane Event chairs for coffee & donuts in the small cafeteria.  Can’t park? Bring a bottle of wine for the wine pull or gift for the silent auction gift baskets to morning car line and volunteers  will collect them from you.

Friday, September 21st – Mane Event Minute:  Which class will raise the most amount of money in ONE MINUTE?  Please have your child bring in any spare change.  The class that collects the most money will win an ice cream party.  Pep Rally at 2:15 p.m. in gym.  Show your STM Catholic school spirit!  All parents & siblings are welcome!


Other calendar information:

Friday, September 28th – No School – Teacher in-service day



This week, we will finish discussing Making Choices.  We will then begin our in-depth study of the 10 Commandments!  We will be working on this for at least one week, if not two.  Lectio Divina Week #4 was assigned today and will be due on Friday, September 21st.


DeWolfe:  This week, we will continue working on chapter 2 – Whole Number Multiplication and Division.  All students have been asked to continue practicing their multiplication facts at home for 5 – 10 minutes a night.  Students can anticipate a small quiz this week – probably on Friday over Lessons 1 and 2.


The student cell projects turned out awesome!  If you have time, please check them out – they are upstairs outside the main elevator doors!  We will begin chapter 3 this week.  In this chapter we will discuss human body systems and will begin with blood cells and the circulatory system.  Our goal is to complete 2 separate labs this week!  One of the labs this week will be showing the components of blood.  On Wednesday, we will be doing a “Components of Blood” lab.  Students will be bringing home “blood” (made with food).  Please be sure that the container your child brings in the car and home stays upright!!  The lab uses corn syrup and could potentially cause a huge mess if the container is opened.  Thank you!

Social Studies

We will begin chapter 1 – in our books this week, which is the study of the first Americans.  Students will be making an Ancient American Artifact as their assessment for this chapter.  They will be working in groups again and will be required to bring materials for their artifact.  I will be giving the students their assignments tomorrow and supplies will need to be brought in next week.  A vocabulary test for this chapter is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th.  A Quizlet can be found at:


Gretchen DeWolfe
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