Science 4/20 – 4/24

1. Review terms for speed, Velocity and Acceleration on pg. 434 and 435, and pg. 1-5 of
Ch. 15 PowerPoint.
Speed – how fast an object is moving. Speed=Distance÷Time
Velocity – the speed of an object in a particular direction. Velocity changes if
the speed changes OR if the direction changes
Acceleration – the RATE at which velocity changes. Acceleration happens when
an object speeds up, slows down or changes direction.
2. Read pg. 436 and 437 and read the Checkpoint questions on page 437. You do not
need to write these down, but please let me know if you don’t understand.
1. Copy into your notes (or print) pg. 7-10 of Ch. 15 Power Point (attached below) .
2. Watch, “Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: The Science of NFL Football”
1. Try a couple of experiments on your own with Newton’s 1st Law. Read the short
article Titled “Newton’s 1st Law: Simple Science Experiments” and then try the
experiments yourself.
1. Read pg. 438 and 439
2. Copy into your notes (or print) pg. 11-12 of Ch. 15 Power Point (attached below).
3. Complete the assignment, “Lesson 4 Comprehension Questions and Notes.” Due
Friday at 4 pm.
1. Follow the link to the Scholastic Study Jams activity on Acceleration.
2. Watch the video (click on the round button that says, “Play Video”).
3. Next, click on the “Test Yourself” button. At the end, you can review your answers.
4. Submit the assignment when you are done. It will be counted as a completion