Peel’s Post May 4–May 8

Below are the over views for this week.  Happy Monday–praise God for  this beautiful weather!

7th Language Arts:

We are continuing to analyze persuasion and will look at counter-claims on Monday and Tuesday. There will be a classwork/quiz grade on Wednesday on the terms we have covered so far.

We have CLASS on Monday by COLOR GROUP. Zoom links are posted on Google Classroom. Students will earn credit for attendance and participation.

There will be time this week allocated for social studies and literature reading.

Office Hours are Tuesday and Thursday, same time, same Zoom link as previous Hours.

8th Language Arts:

We are continuing on with our review/study of verbs and will cover the 3 MOODS of verbs this week.

8th graders will be STAR testing on Wednesday, May 6 from 11:00 am–12:00 pm. Further instructions will be posted on Google classroom on Tuesday.

8th Literature:

We will have CLASS during Office Hours on Tuesday, May 5. Students will earn credit for attendance and participation. They will use the same link as used previously.

We are into the court case in To Kill A Mockingbird (TKM) and will finish the book this week. We will also be looking at the Scottsboro Boys Trial, the trial that influenced Harper Lee in TKM.

There will be a quiz covering chapters 10-18 of TKM on Wednesday, May 6.

Thursday’s Office Hours are regular (not a class).

Have a great week!