Peel’s Post April 27–May 1 UPDATED


Here is the Week Overview for 7th and 8th grade for the week of April 27–May 1

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday at the same times/no change. Please see your Classwork page in google classrooms for the folder with the link.

7th Grade language arts:

We are continuing with our persuasive writing unit. On Monday and Tuesday, we will analyze a persuasive speech. The graphic organizer for it is due 04/28. Then we will look at a variety of persuasive techniques used in persuasion and plan an advertisement/commercial.

8th grade language arts:

We are continuing to drill on the perfect and progressive tenses of verbs. IXL GG.4 and GG.5 are due by 04/29. There will be an a quiz on all tenses and voice of verbs on April 30.  From there we move into the MOOD of verbs.

8th grade literature:

We are continuing to read TKM. We will generate a list of main ideas for part one and then begin part 2 this week. We will interrupt our reading to look at the factual case (Scottsboro Trial) that is the focus of the second half of TKM. We will read through chapter 16 this week.

Vocabulary: We will complete TKM part 1 graphic organizer this week and use it for an assignment on April 29.

May you all have a blessed week! Know you are all in my daily prayers as we continue this time apart. I miss your faces every day!