Peel’s Post April 20-24

Welcome back, STM! I hope you had a beautiful Easter and relaxing spring break!

Here we go–moving towards the end of the year!

7th language arts:  vocabulary this week and next will be based on content area words. We will be starting our persuasive writing unit with a review of distinguishing between fact and opinion.  One IXL skill will be assigned along with reading selections from the literature text book this    week. IXL K.2 is due by 4/22.

Students will also be using some of language arts class time to read informational text from other classes.

Office hours are the same this week: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30–11:00 am.

8th language arts/literature:

Vocabulary this week and next will come from To Kill A Mockingbird (TKM).Part I will be completed this week.

In grammar we will continue working on tenses and moods of verbs. We will have a required Office hours session on Tuesday (same times) to go over classwork.

Thursday Office Hours are the same times as usual.

We will have  LITERATURE CLASS on Wednesday (same times as Office Hours) to discuss TKM. Students should have read through chapter 4 and completed Part I vocabulary for this class. Links will be on google classroom.