Mrs. Gray’s Classes 11/11-11/22

We’re collection food donations for Thanksgiving, to be given to Benevitos House to benefit those in need in our community.  Please see below for food assignments by grade.  Please refrain from sending perishable items until next week.  Thank you so much for your generosity.

Kindergarten and 1st grade  – Oranges

2nd grade – Pears

3rd grade – Olives

4th grade – Sweet potatoes

5th grade – Nuts

6th grade – Pears

7th grade – Grapefruit

8th grade – Sweet potatoes


T2 Math

We will continue to study percents in Math, and students will have a test on Thursday, November 14th.  The quiz for Ch. 5 is on Thursday, November 21st.

S2 Math

We will continue to study percents in S2, and the students have a test on Ch. 4 on Tuesday, November 12.  The will also have a quiz over Ch. 5 on Monday, November 18.

8th Religion

The Unit 11-12 Test in Religion is on Wednesday, November 13, and the Angelus test is on Monday, 11/18.

6th Science

We are reviewing Ch. 6 and 7 on the Earth’s ecosystem and the test for both chapters is on Wednesday, 11/13.  We will watch a video about the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen’s and discussion the processes of ecological succession that occurred as the landscape slowly recovered from the blast.  This will also lead into Ch. 8, Plate Tectonics.