Mrs. Cincilla’s News and Notes Week of 9.30.19


RELIGION – In Lesson 6 we learned that grace is the gift of God’s life that he share with us. We learned that grace helps us to act as images of God and make it possible for us to live forever with God in heaven.

Virtue of the Month: Reverence: showing deep respect for God

Saint of the Month: Saint Hyacinth

LANGUAGE ARTS – In Unit 2, Lesson 2 we isolated sounds in words and generated words with initial and final f, s, g and j sounds. Our Read Aloud stories this week were My Two Best Friends by Claire Daniel and Friends Find Solutions by Megan Thompson. Reading skills that we worked on included: summarizing, making inferences and point of view. We learned that some nouns have a special purpose. They show possession, or who owns or has something. These nouns are called possessive nouns. We read decodable books 24-28 and they went home daily. I hope they continue to read them to you at home!

MATH – In Chapter 3 we continued to write addition sentences and solve real-world addition problems. We told addition stories about pictures and wrote addition sentences for each story. We reviewed some math skills and concepts from the past few chapters and took the Chapter 3 Assessment Test.

HANDWRITING: We practiced writing upper and lowercase letter L.

SCIENCE – We learned all about apples this month! At the beginning of the month we painted apples slices and stamped them on a paper apple. They look fantastic hanging in our classroom!   We put apple slices in various substances to understand why cut apples turn brown. We also learned a lot about Johnny Appleseed and to conclude our unit we made applesauce last Thursday. The aroma in the hallway was wonderful!


PLEASE NOTE: Your child has received information on a new program we are implementing as part of our Religion curriculum called Raise Them Strong.  Please take time to review it.  Family homework assignments will be sent home starting next week.  The link for the introductory video is under my “helpful links”.

CONFERENCES: Conferences are right around the corner! Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th. I’m looking forward to meeting with you.

FIELD TRIP: Our 1st Grade classes will be going on a field trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

SPELLING WORDS: For this week’s spelling words, please go to I hope your child is enjoying this site while learning their spelling words at the same time!


First graders (and Mrs. Cincilla) just love funny jokes and riddles! Give this one a try:

Question: Why can’t you tell jokes to an egg?

Answer: Because it will crack up!


OCTOBER BIRTHDAY WISHES TO: Ben, Micah, Julia, Addison, Helen and John! That’s a lot of October celebrations!