Mrs. Cincilla’s News and Notes Week of 9.23.19


RELIGION – We learned how Adam and Eve always chose to do what they knew was right because they wanted to act as God acts. But after listening to the lies of the devil, Adam and Eve chose to sin because they wanted to be as important as God and decide for themselves what is good and evil. We discussed that this first sin of Adam and Eve is called Original Sin. We learned that sin is choosing to do something we know is wrong, and not acting as images of God.

Virtue of the Month: Faith – believing in God and all He has revealed

Saint of the Month: Saint Martha

MATH – We began Chapter 3, ”Addition Facts to 10.” We learned that addition can be used to find how many in all, and learned different ways to add. We used counters and cube trains to count on from the greater number. We wrote number bonds to add numbers. We looked at pictures to tell addition stories. Vocabulary for this chapter included the terms: add, addition sentences, plus (+), equal to (=), more than, number bonds, and addition story.

LANGUAGE ARTS – In Unit 2, Lesson 1 we isolated sounds in words and generated words with initial and final k, ck, and r sounds, as well as reading words that contain aw sound but are spelled al and all. Our Read Aloud stories this week were Molto’s Dream by Raoul Krischanitz and Chicken Chickens Go to School by Valerie Gorbachev. Reading skills that we worked on included: summarizing, making inferences and character. We learned that adjectives are describing words that tell what a person, place, or thing looks like as well as the number of people, places, and things. We read decodable books 19-23 and they went home daily. I hope they continue to read them to you at home!

HANDWRITING: We practiced writing numbers 1-10.

SCIENCE – We learned that plants are living things. We studied the different parts of plants and concluded our week with a science experiment. We put apple slices in various substances to understand why cut apples turn brown. Not surprising, the apple slice that was soaked in lemon juice looked the best at the end of the day! We added a new word to our vocabulary – oxidation.


APPLE UNIT: This month we have been learning all about apples! Did you know that the world’s top apple producers are China, United States, Turkey, Poland and Italy? And, apples are the second most valuable fruit grown in the United States. Oranges are first. On that note…this week we will conclude our unit by making applesauce! Please send in one peeled and diced apple to school on Thursday, September 26th. A reminder note will be sent home on Tuesday September 24th. Thank you! We will enjoy our homemade applesauce with graham crackers.

CONFERENCES: Conferences are right around the corner! Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th. The link to SignUpGenius will be published soon! I’m looking forward to meeting with you.

FIELD TRIP: Our 1st Grade classes will be going on a field trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Permission slips went home last Thursday!

PRAYERS: Please practice the following prayers at home as I will be testing the children on their prayers over the next couple of weeks:

  • Sign of the Cross
  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Prayer
  • Prayer to the Guardian Angel
  • Grace Before Meals Prayer

SPELLING WORDS: For this week’s spelling words, please click on the “Helpful Links” section to get to I hope your child is enjoying this site while learning their spelling words at the same time!


First graders (and Mrs. Cincilla) just love funny jokes and riddles! Give this one a try:

Question: Why did the computer squeak?

Answer: Because someone stepped on the mouse!