Monday, March 23, 2020

Hi Second Grade Parents and Students!

We are now starting our second week of distance learning!

The weather has been beautiful these last two days. Now you can go outside and do PE.:)

I am hoping we have seen the last of winter!  Math-I know you are measuring in centimeters this week.

Remember to look for cm on your ruler, then you know you are on the right side.  There are 30 cm and only 12 inches

on the opposite side.   Cm are much smaller than inches.  Reading:  The Green Grass Grew All Around-this is actually a nursery rhyme and a song.  If you go YouTube, put in The Green Grass Grew All Around, in the search box.  There you will find the song.

Enjoy!!  Journal Topics-Spring and Easter. Social Studies-explore your own family’s culture and traditions.

My family is German and Irish.  My grandmother used to love making bratwursts and sauerkraut!!

Happy Spring!

Ms. Wink