March 14th, 2020 (Pandemic Plan)

Hi, parents, guardians, and students.

For now, I will distribute lessons and assignments through Google Classroom. Students should first accept the invitation I sent for every class they have with me (Life Science, Earth Science, and/or S2 / T2 8th Grade Math). They should anticipate completing around 200 minutes worth of lessons and assignments for each class each week. They should submit all assignments through the specific class portal. They can view grades on Google Classroom and, later, Infinite Campus.

At the earliest, students and parents can expect an entire week’s worth of expectations posted at the beginning of the week. If this occurs, students will have the option of completing all required tasks on the day they are posted, but they must complete each task by the outlined due date to receive full credit for that assignment. At the latest, I’ll post each day’s assignments by 8am. Please check every class once a day just to make sure you don’t miss any helpful information.

Students can communicate with me through the class portal. Parents and guardians can contact me at I’ll respond to emails during typical school hours. Please ask questions whenever they arise. I’ll do my best to make my expectations as clear as possible. I enjoy so much more than facilitating information (jokes, class discussions, whether or not they directly relate to the topic at hand, and even the routine), and I look forward to returning to school as soon as possible.


Mr. Tipton