Mad Science of Colorado

Mad Science of Colorado is Excited to Present

Online, Interactive Science Lessons for Stay-at-Home, Stir Crazy Kids!


Dear Parent,


Thank you so much for tuning in and expressing interest in the new, instructor-led online interactive lessons we are offering in light of recent school closures. We had so much fun hanging out with your children on the live streams these last two days, and as promised, we have more information regarding the virtual class sessions we are planning to kick off on Monday 3/23!


For next week, we will be hosting a 5-day virtual session that will be held from 1:00-2:00PM MST Monday-Friday. 


·     Each lesson will cover a different topic, and parents will be sent a materials list and resource guide before each class so that students have time to gather their materials and work on their experiments with us during the live streams!

·     Our instructors will interact directly with students during the session, answer their questions, and help them work through the hands-on activities.

·     We will also provide a list of supplemental activities parents and students can try together at home after the class.


In order to keep students learning and our instructors working during this time, we have set a low cost of $6/class at this time, and parents can choose to either register for all 5 days or sign up for any of the sessions individually. If your child is interested but finances are a barrier to their participation, please send an email to and we will see what we can do. 


After next week’s session, we are working on options that allow us to mail students a branded take home project kit for a slightly higher fee to cover the cost of materials! For now, all lessons are designed to use common household items and worksheets that will be included in the resource guides sent out before each class.


You can register for the 5-day session by following this link:


You can view and register for the individual session dates by following this link:


If you are signing up for any of these sessions, we highly recommend activating the camera on your screen, that way our instructors can see your students and work to keep them engaged and focused during the virtual session! We will have a roster of participants so instructors can call on students by name to answer questions and hear their comments during each class. If you choose not to have your camera option enabled, this is not mandatory, just highly recommended for the best experience!


Again, thank you from all of us at Mad Science!


If you missed out on viewing our demo class on the live stream, or you want to rewatch a session for directions on any of the experiments we featured, here is a link to one of the streams!