8th Religion, Week of 3/23 – 3/27

I’m going to try a little different format this week and will be listing all the assignments you need to finish for the week below.  Try to have everything in by Friday and give yourself a HW-free weekend.  Because I won’t get everything until the weekend, it will take me longer to grade, so it may be a week or more before things are returned to you.  Fair warning!

  1.  Sunday Liturgy of the Word – We weren’t able to go to mass this week (which stinks), but hopefully you were able to livestream through STM’s facebook page, or watch a recording somewhere else.  It’s still important that you partake in some way, so I’d like you to go to usccb.org and study the readings for Sunday, March 22.  You will write a one – sentence summary of each.  Include Book, Chapter and Verse.  Easy, right?   Do this assignment in the Document attached to the Sunday Readings assignment in Google Classroom.
  2. Read Ch. 15 in Christ our Life and take notes, pg. 141 – 145.  You should have at least 3 bullet points for each subheading.  The first subheading, “Led by the Spirit,”  is on pg. 141.  Type your notes in the document attached to the Ch. 15 Notes assignment in Google Classroom.
  3. Wednesday, please join the school in praying the rosary in honor of the Annunciation.
  4. Finish Reading Theology of the Body, Ch. 5.  Do the “Got It” Questions and copy the vocabulary.  Do this on loose-leaf and send me a picture.  Attach it to the assignment, TOB Ch. 5.
  5. Complete a Lenten Reflection for Wednesday, 3/25.

That’s it!  It’s actually a pretty light week, but you’re off on Friday, and Wednesday you’re HW is to pray the Rosary.  Have fun, and please let me know if you have questions!