Digital Learning

Mrs. Samson’s online math class


If you checked into school, you were provided with a 5 day plan. Under each day your “classwork” and due date will be listed. If you would like to work ahead, be my guest. I will be grading the assignment a day after the due date. Please continue to check infinite campus. As a reminder for IXL, even if you have done the skill before, you must redo the skill during this YEAR to receive credit. 


We will continue to do the IXL assignments for week 24. IXL will be due on Sunday, March 22, 2020


To make checking assignments easier for you, I have invited you to join google classroom via your google email. This way, you can check the assignment for each day. It will also be stated on your five day plan. 


I understand the frustration that can go along with IXL. Please feel free to use a calculator to check your answer before submitting your answer. Feel free to use any online resources to help you. 


I will be checking my email during regular school times. You will receive a response within 24-hours. 


I understand that learning mathematics, virtually, can be difficult. Please try to keep a positive attitude and be resourceful. When emailing me for help, please keep your questions as specific as possible. I do have the ability to see every question you answer in IXL if you would like to reference them. I also ask that if you are not getting answers correct on IXL that you read the explanation portion provided after you answer the question. 



What do I need to do for Mrs. Samson 

  1. Check google classroom daily. Complete the assignment by the due date.
  2. IXL Week 24 
  3. Be resourceful and have a positive attitude


Stay Safe, I will miss seeing your face everyday!


Mrs. Samson