April 8, 2019


RELIGION –We studied Station 9 – Jesus falls for the third time, Station 10 – Jesus is stripped of His Garments, Station 11 – Jesus is nailed to the cross, Station 12 – Jesus dies on the cross and Station 13 – Jesus is taken down from the cross. We finished our Stations of the Cross booklet with Station 14: Jesus is laid in the tomb. On Friday, we attended the Living Stations of the Cross in the church.

MATH – We used a place value chart to show numbers up to 40.  We learned strategies to compare numbers to 40 and find missing numbers in a number pattern.  Vocabulary learned this week included-number words twenty-one to forty, and place value chart.

LANGUAGE ARTS – In Unit 9, Lesson 3 we reviewed long and short vowel a. Our Read Aloud story this week was America is… Reading skills that we worked on included asking questions and predicting. We learned that future-tense verbs show an action that will happen in the future. It can be formed by using the word will with the verb. We read decodable book 105 and it went home last week. I hope they continue to read to you at home!

SCIENCE – We began Lesson 6, Caring for Earth. We discussed how we could conserve resources by reusing, reducing, and recycling. I read the class a book called, I Can Save The Earth by Alison Inches. It’s about a little monster named Max who likes to litter and never, ever recycles. Then the electricity goes out and he sees how exciting and beautiful the Earth is, and that it will need his help to stay that way. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story and we had a lengthy discussion about how important it is to conserve our natural resources.


FIRST GRADE MASS: Both 1st grade classes will be assisting with the Mass and singing in the choir on Tuesday, April 23. We will also read the morning announcements that week too!

FIELD TRIP: We will be going on our last field trip of the year on Thursday, May 23. We’re going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs! Authorization forms for the field trip will be coming home soon. Mark your calendars, as I’ll need 9 chaperones! What a great way to end the school year!

SPELLING WORDS: For this week’s spelling words, please click on the “Helpful Links” section to get to SpellingCity.com. I hope your child is enjoying this site while learning their spelling words at the same time!