Conferences take place in a few weeks. I hope to see most of you then!


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Here is a message from FIAT. If  the student is in seventh grade, please contact Renee Lowery- rbbyt@comcast.net

Dear parents,
If you are a new family or an existing family and you are unfamiliar with FIAT (Faith in Action Together) we thought we would re-introduce it to you. FIAT is a ministry focused on building community by helping to increase our relationships with Jesus and His Church through faith and action activities.  One component of FIAT is “Angels Among Us”.  The goal of “Angels Among Us” is to help families, staff and clergy in times of need, whether it be the birth of a baby, death of a loved one, or any other situation requiring extra support. This need can be kept anonymous and your family can work directly with your teacher, a member of admin, Mrs. Poniatowski or whomever you are most comfortable. You can also work directly with your grade level volunteer ‘Angel’. We are here to help so whatever works best for your family. 

Our STM Catholic community is here to support and encourage one another. You can ask for help with meals, gift cards (for groceries, gas, restaurants, etc.), carpool help, prayers or any other type of assistance. 
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Jan Ahern, Angela Haubert or the chair of Angels Among Us, Melanie Lauer.
God Bless,
The FIAT Committee
Thanks all for now!
Until next time,
Mr. Tipton