8th Religion 3/30-4/3

Here’s an overview of 8th grade Religion for this week.  Also, I will have office hours for 8th grade on Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 – 10:00.  See your emails for a link to join the meetings.


1.       Family Meeting to discuss DL schedule and routine


1.       Lenten Reflections for 3/31

2.       Ch. 15 Review Activity,  Complete in the attached document, Due Wednesday @ 5


1.       Ch. 15 Study Guide (Due Friday @4)


1.       Lenten Reflection, 4/2

2.       Read Ch. 6 in Theology of the Body, (Just read for now – we will do the questions and vocab next week.)

3.       Complete Ch. 15 Study Guide (Due Friday @ 4) and Review for Ch. 15 Test


1.       Ch. 15 Test (Please complete before 4pm)

2.       Pray a Decade of the Rosary and carefully read Sunday’s Gospel here.

Palm Sunday, April 5,

Join St. Thomas More parish via face book and watch mass at 10:30.  Later you could have a short family prayer service.  Each family member can say an intention and the rest respond, “Lord, hear our prayer.”  Conclude by praying together an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.