6th Science, Week of 3/23 – 3/27

I’m going to try a little different format this week and will be listing all the assignments you need to finish for the week below.  Try to have everything in by Friday and give yourself a HW-free weekend.  Because I won’t get everything until the weekend, it will take me longer to grade, so it may be a week or more before things are returned to you.  Fair warning!

  1.  Ch. 15, Forces and Motion.  Read Lesson 1, pg. 423 – 427.  Read through the Checkpoint questions on pg. 423, 425, and 427.  You don’t need to write out the answers, but if you don’t understand them, please reach out to me through email.
  2. I’ve emailed my notes for Ch. 15 Lesson 1, and you will need to copy these into your Science notebook.
  3. Complete the Net Force calculation worksheet.  You can fill this out in Google Classroom under the assignment titled “Net Force Worksheet.”
  4. Read the Scholastic article, “Extreme Candy,” which you can access here.  This has more to do with Ch. 14, but I thought it was cool.  If you have an extra three minutes, there’s a video in the article titled, “The Jelly Belly Factory” – definitely worth the time!

That’s it!  It’s actually a pretty light week, but you’re off on Friday.  Have fun, and please let me know if you have questions!