6th Science, 3/30 – 4/3

Here’s an overview for 6th grade Science this week.  Please work through the assignments daily and pay attention to the due dates.  (This is different from last week, so please note.)


1.       Family Meeting to discuss DL schedule and routine.


1.       Read Lesson 2, “How does gravity affect objects?” pg. 428-431

2.       Read through the checkpoint questions on pg. 429, and 431 and please let me know if you don’t understand and would like me to explain anything.


1.       Take notes on Lesson 2, pg 428 – 431,  in the attached document and turn in by Wednesday at 5 pm.


1.       Complete “Science Chapter 15 Lesson 1 & 2 Review.”  Please answer on the attached document. (Due Friday @ 8 am)


1.       Phet Simulation: Gravity and Orbits.  

2.       Play around with the simulation, and answer the attached journal questions. (Due Friday by 5 pm)