6th Grade: Letter to Parents Regarding Covid-19 Closure

Dear Parents,

As of now, the lessons for 6th grade Math and Science will be provided through Google Classroom. Please have your student log in to their Google account daily to complete their assignments. They will have directions on how they should go about completing each assignment, and when they need to be turned in for a grade.

Please email me at lizg@sttthomasmore.org for any clarification. Your student can also email me with any questions on their assignments. We will stay on track with our current lessons through Google Classroom and will make every effort to make sure we still meet all of the curriculum standards for this school year.

6th Grade T2 and S2 Math

**will need Math textbook, and access to Google Classroom as well as other websites

–          For the first week of closure, we will be completing IXL assignments.  Videos and worksheets for extra practice are linked to each assignment.  As with all IXL assignments, the smart score earned by the student will be the score that will appear in the gradebook.

–          We will resume Ch. 9 in the second week of closure.

6th Grade Science:

**will need Science textbook and access to Google Classroom as well as other websites

–          Please note, the Ch. 13 and 14 Test that was scheduled for Tuesday, 3/17 is postponed until Wednesday, 3/18

–          The atom project, originally due on Wed. 3/18, is now due on Thursday 3/19.  Students can share their project with me through Google Slides.  I will be unable to collect the model portion of the atom project until we are back in school.  Please do NOT feel like you have to go to the store for supplies or risk exposure to complete this project.   The due date is postponed indefinitely.

–          Assignments will vary in length and may be assigned for two days at a time rather than each day

*Student should check Google Classroom each day. I will post each assignment on Google Classroom by 8 am; there will be an overview of the assignment posted on my blog as well for your information.

*Each assignment will be graded and included in Infinite Campus – some will be counted as completion grades and others will be graded for accuracy – please remind your child to continue to put in their best effort on their assignments.

I will be checking email throughout school hours each day, please let me know if you have questions and I will get back to you before the end of the school day.

We hope and pray that we will be back in session soon. I will miss seeing your child(ren) here at school each day.


Mrs. Gray