Good Morning!

Here’s the outline for today.

6th Science – Atom Project slides due today.   Please attach to the assignment in Google Classroom.  Check out the virtual lab here.  There’s a data table in a document attached to today’s homework in Google Classroom.  Please fill it out for 10 substances.  You can type directly onto the document.  Trust me, it’s easy.

6th Math – Continue with assigned IXL.  If you had a hard time with 6.FF.11, feel free to spend your 20-30 minutes continuing with that skill.  If you did understand it, I expect you to go on to 6.FF.13 and spend 20-30 minutes there.

8th Religion – Yesterday, you should have watched the first chapter of the video, “From Nothing to the Cosmos with Fr. Spitzer.”  Today you will answer the questions.  You can find them in a document attached to today’s assignment in Google Classroom.

Great job, so far everybody!   Keep up the good work.  Here’s some good advice.  Make your bed when you get up.  Change into regular clothes before you start your work (school uniform not required. :))  And enjoy the fact that if you’re really motivated, you might just finish early.  Ah, the glorious gift of free-time!!!