Hello, all!  I hope your first day of distance learning went well.  Here’s what Day 2 looks like.

6T2/6S2  – IXL 6.FF.11, watch the attached videos for help.  For IXL this week, please spend 20-30 minutes on the skill.  Try the problems and read the explanations.  While it’s very important that you learn the assigned skills, I know we’re all getting used to distance learning, and I don’t want your IXL assignments to be causing undo stress.  I will give a completion grade based on time spent and problems attempted.  Time should be 20-30 minutes with a minimum of 10 problems attempted.  HOWEVER, if you understand the skills, then the expectation is that you will continue to work towards mastery.  Email me with questions.


6th Science – Science test.  It is now posted to Google Classroom.  Please complete by tomorrow morning.


8th Religion – Lenten Reflection, 3/18. Watch the video, “From Nothing to the Cosmos with Fr. Spitzer.” Episode 1, Ch. 1.