3/17 Blog Update

Good morning, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! St Patrick, Pray for Us!

Below is an overview for today’s plans.

6th Grade Science – Please complete the Ch. 13 and 14 Study Guide, and continue to study for the test.  Tomorrow you will take the Ch. 13 and 14 Test online.  It is an open book test.  Please email with any questions.

6th S2/T2 Math – Complete IXL 4.W.7.  You can watch the video for explanation.  Week 19 IXL will be due next Tuesday, 3/24.

8th Religion – 3/17 Lenten Reflection.  Read the introduction to a video we will watch, and answer the questions.  Please answer in the attached document in Google classroom and submit before tomorrow morning.


“But with contrite heart and humble spirit

let us be received;

So let our sacrifice be in your presence today

and find favor before you;

for those who trust in you cannot be put to shame.

And now we follow you with our whole heart,

we fear you and we seek your face.”

DN 3:39-41  (From today’s readings)