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Dear Second Grade Families:

 Here’s to a great Halloween Week!

 IMPORTANT: Please review NEW HOMEWORK policy at the end of this newsletter. Thank you for your support.

 This week we will have a Math test this Wednesday on Chapter 4: triple digit add/sub with regrouping/word problems and a spelling test on Friday.  This week we will start MULTIPLICATION! Therefore, the memorizing of the math facts both add/sub will now support the times tables. Thank you to all of the families that have been supporting math facts at home. This will surely benefit your child now that we start multiplication.

 IMPORTANT: Now is the time to support math facts: MULTIPLICATION at home. PLEASE help them with either IXL at home or flash cards to review these concepts. This will save frustration for the students. We are reviewing at school but need the parents assistance with this please. Thank you for your support. And many thanks to all of the families that had been helping their children  review their math facts, flash cards  from 1-10, both addition and subtraction these students are very pleased and at ease and will have an easy time with the transition to multiplication as we are beginning now. Please remember that these are fantastic, ongoing second grade habits. Please also continue to review telling time and money with reading and writing practice. Thank you for your support!

Week of October 28-November 1, 2019

Week at a Glance:

Math-Chapter 4 test on Wednesday; at the end of the week we will be starting Chapter 6 MULTIPLICATION: we will now begin to review multiplication facts; as well as working in their workbook and supplements.  Also, please help your child begin to review their multiplication math facts as we begin to utilize them now.

Open Court-Continue: Unit 2, Lesson 2: REVIEW: we will blend words and build oral language skills and fluency skills; sounds: long o; o_e; u; long u_e; rhyming words; Groups Read: “The Abstract Cat”; and “A River of Ice”; apply comprehensive strategies; main idea and details; asking and answering questions and making connections; describe story elements; compare and contrast; characters; events in a story; understand the author’s purpose; identify fact and opinion; visualize and ask and answer questions; classify and categorize; classifying characters;  complete and incomplete sentences; word and sentence dictation;  learn to make inferences: using information provided in a text along with what you already know to understand the details the author did not put in the story; and continue daily work in journals; clarify and make connections.

Religion– REVIEW and TEST prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Glory Be and introduce new prayer of the day. Continue-Unit 5 lesson 12: God is our Loving Father; Prodigal Son reading; continue reciting the rosary indep; with partners; and as a group; daily reflections from the Bible. 

Science– Chapter 4: Kinds of Habitats- learn and describe the different kinds of habitats; effects on animals; differences in habitats; work on our interactive science journal.


*Tuesday, October 29th., There will NOT be an All School Mass

*Wednesday, October 30th., Math Test Chapter 4 

*Thursday, October 31st., Halloween Parade 2:00; indiv. class parties 2:15-2:45

*Friday, Spelling Test 

*Friday, November 1st., MASS FOR All Saint’s Day: Holy day of obligation: Grades K-2 attend Mass at noon; PLEASE MASS UNIFORM THIS DAY.

*All Fridays will be STM spirit dress day! Please wear an STM shirt or STM T-shirt, this shirt CANNOT be a homemade shirt and please wear jeans or uniform bottoms. Thank you for your support.




**ANY DAY OF THE WEEK: Math homework will be sent home the day that we complete a lesson and typically due the next day unless otherwise specified; additional math homework will be sent home if NOT completed or student needs extra practice; may vary for individual students. This also includes if a student has incomplete phonics work as well.

**MONDAYS: Complete or finish summary for decodable book to be turned in on Tuesdays; review math facts; read decodable books; and finish any math homework that may be assigned. (Parents please initial calendar)

**TUESDAYS: Turn in Summary for decodable book; review math facts; read decodable books; Phonics homework will be sent home; and finish any math homework that may be assigned. (Parents please initial calendar)

**WEDNESDAYS: Turn in calendar with parent initials; receive NEW decodable books; complete spelling homework to be turned in on Thursday; review math facts; read decodable books; finish any math homework that may be assigned. (Parents please initial calendar)

**THURSDAYS: turn in spelling homework; study for spelling test for Friday; review math facts; read decodable books; finish any math homework that may be assigned. (Parents please initial calendar)

**FRIDAYS: Spelling test given; new spelling homework given

**A white STM folder will be sent home every Monday with graded and completed work for your review and to be kept at home. Please remember to sign the form in the folder.

**Please also remember to sign the assignment notepad and calendar each night that it comes home and help your child review the spelling words; math facts; and read decodable books each night.


May this Autumn Season be blessed by God and may God continue to bless the second grade families all year long.

Ms. Wink