2B News


Dear Second Grade Families:

I hope the second grade families all enjoyed the last weekend in Summer! Thank you to all of the families that bought and donated Scholastic books, from the Scholastic Book Fair, for our classroom! We all appreciate it!

This week there will be no spelling test or spelling homework. We will have a math test this Thursday on Chapter 2-Adding three digits with regrouping.

Please remember that this Friday, September 27th, is NO SCHOOL due to an Archdiocesan Professional Development Day.

Thank you to all of the families that are helping their children review math facts, flash cards from 1-10, both addition and subtraction. This is presently helping as we group and regroup two and three digit math facts. This will also prove to be a benefit when we move into multiplication and division soon as well. Please also keep reviewing time and money with reading and writing daily for 15-20 minutes. Thank you for support!

Week of September 23-Sept 26, 2019

Week at a Glance:

Math-Chapter 2: Addition with and without regrouping two digit and three digit numbers; we will continue to review addition and subtraction facts; we will regroup in ones and in tens; as well as working in their workbook and supplements. We will have a review on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for our Chapter 2 math test on Thursday. Also, please help your child review their addition and subtraction math facts as we are utilizing them now.

Open Court-Continue: Unit 1, Lesson 4: we will  blend words and build oral language skills and fluency skills; sounds: nk; ng; and ing; syllables; sequence and antonym recognition; Read: “The Cherokee Stick Ball Game”; apply comprehensive strategies; asking and answering questions and making connections; describe story elements; compare and contrast; characters; events in a story; understand the author’s purpose; identify fact and opinion; visualize and ask and answer questions; classify and categorize; classifying characters; antonyms; word and sentence dictation;  and continue daily work in journals; clarify and make connections.

Religion- REVIEW prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Glory Be and introduce new prayer of the day. Unit 2, lesson 5: Jesus is Our Savior; discover that Jesus is our Savior; understand how important it is for us to believe in our Savior; daily reflections from the Bible.

Science- : Chapter 1: Plants: complete this chapter with full review of all concepts and in-class group assessment on Chapter 1; work on our interactive science journal;  identify the stages in a plant’s life cycle; describe seeds and their origins; bean experiment-hands on.


*Thursday, Sept. 26th., Math Test on Chapter 2

*No Spelling Test this week or spelling homework


*October 3rd and 4th NO SCHOOL: CONFERENCES-Thursday OCT 3-7:30-5:30 Friday OCT 4-7:30-11:30

*All Fridays will be STM spirit dress day! Please wear an STM shirt or STM T-shirt, this shirt CANNOT be a homemade shirt and please wear jeans or uniform bottoms. Thank you for your support.

**Math homework will be sent home the day that we complete a lesson and typically due the next day unless otherwise specified.

**A white STM folder will be sent home every Monday with graded and completed work for your review and to be kept at home. Please remember to sign the form in the folder.

**Please also remember to sign the assignment notepad each night that it comes home and review the spelling words.


Dear Parents,

If you are a new family or an existing family and you are unfamiliar with FIAT (Faith in Action Together) we thought we would re-introduce it to you. FIAT is a ministry focused on building community by helping to increase our relationships with Jesus and His Church through faith and action activities.  One component of FIAT is “Angels Among Us”.  The goal of “Angels Among Us” is to help families, staff and clergy in times of need, whether it be the birth of a baby, death of a loved one, or any other situation requiring extra support. This need can be kept anonymous and your family can work directly with your teacher, a member of admin, Mrs. Poniatowski or whomever you are most comfortable. You can also work directly with your grade level volunteer ‘Angel’. We are here to help so whatever works best for your family. Our STM Catholic community is here to support and encourage one another. You can ask for help with meals, gift cards (for groceries, gas, restaurants, etc.), carpool help, prayers or any other type of assistance. The 2nd grade “Angel” will be Melanie Lauer and she can be reached at mhamouz@gmail.com. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Jan Ahern, Angela Haubert or the chair of Angels Among Us, Melanie Lauer.

God Bless,

The FIAT Committee


May this school year be blessed by God and may God continue to bless the second grade families all year long.

Ms. Wink