2B News

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
We will have a Math test this Thursday on chapter 8. Spelling test this Friday and spelling homework will be due this Thursday as usual.
**Please continue to review multiplication/division flash cards with your child as well as reviewing time and money. Thank you for support!

Week of April 7th-11th, 2019

Week at a Glance:

Math-We will begin continue and complete our lesson on Mass and measuring with a test this Thursday on Chapter 8. We will continue measuring by using scales to measure mass in kilograms; compare and order masses in kilograms; use a measuring scale to measure mass in grams; compare and order masses in grams; estimate mass of objects in kg and g.

Open Court-we will continue to blend words and build oral language and fluency skills; sound: au; augh; ough; all; and al; suffixes: able; ment. Read “I Pledge Allegiance”; apply comprehensive strategies; Asking and a Answering Questions and Making Connections; describe story elements; investigate comparisons and contrasts; sequence; cause and effects; characters; events in a story; understand the author’s purpose; demonstrate understanding of language use and text features; word and sentence dictation; edit character analysis as responses to literature; plan writer’s goals; revise formal letters; edit drafts of a formal letter; produce final copies of a formal letter and publish them; write in daily journals.

Religion- Lesson 16: Jesus Shares a Special Meal; – read and discuss Scripture Story: The First Passover; The Last Supper; identify the sequence of the events of Holy Week.

Science-Chapter 8: Earth and Space; identify how the Earth rotates to make day and night; relate seasonal patterns to Earth’s orbit around the Sun; observe the Moon and it’s phases as it orbits the Earth; explain the relationship between the planets and the Sun; describe the planets in the solar system; Solar System Booklet; write a story on “If I Were an Astronaut.”


*Spelling homework due this Thursday.

*Math test this Thursday over chapter 8.

*Spelling test this Friday.