2B News

Dear Second Grade Families:

Welcome to Catholic School’s Week! To start the week out remember that Monday is crazy socks; jeans; optional religious T-shirt day; bake sale-please send in money if your child would like to buy something, donations welcome.  The rest of the week’s themes are listed below this blog. As a service project, we are asking for grades K-5 to donate adult sized gloves, socks, hats, and scarves. They will be donated to Holy Family Elderly Plaza and to HAAT Homeless shelter.

**A BIG Thank you to all of the parents that chaperoned our field trip to the Stock Show. You are much appreciated!

Week of January 28-January 31, 2019

Week at a Glance:

Math-We will continue multiplication tables:  3’s and 4’s; quiz on Monday on division.  We will continue to divide using related math facts; solve division word problems; review multiplication and division. Please continue to help reinforce this new concept by reviewing multiplication flash cards at home.

Open Court-we will continue to blend words with ow; oa; o; and o_e; build oral language skills and fluency skills; study prefixes: dis, un; Read “Where’s the Honey, Honey” apply comprehensive strategies; asking and answering questions and making connections; investigate comparisons and contrasts; sequence; characters; events in a story; understand the author’s purpose; recognize sequence of events; visualize and ask and answer questions; give and receive feedback on writer’s conferences; research informative texts; complete a tree diagram; and continue daily work in journals. Spelling test on Thursday.

Religion– We will continue to understand and memorize the Ten Commandments; discuss how the Good Samaritan relates to the commandments.  We will have a quiz on Lesson 10 on Thursday. Virtue: fortitude; St. Bernadette

Science-Continue Chapter 7-Weather and Sky; describe temperature, wind, and precipitation; identify the different stages of the water cycle; identify the different types of clouds and storms; predict weather by observing clouds; find definitions in the glossary for the vocabulary words in Chapter 7. We will review on Wednesday and test on Chapter 7 on Thursday.


*Science Test on Thursday on Chapter 7.

*Spelling Test on Thursday.

*No school on Friday.

*Catholic School’s Week:

MONDAY: crazy socks; jeans; optional religious T-shirt; circle of prayer; bake sale; jump rope for Hearts.


WEDNESDAY: crazy hat day; open house

THURSDAY: Hawaiian Dress Day; religion bowl in the gym.