2B News

Week of November 26-November 30, 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving week!

Thank you to all of the second grade families that were so kind and brought in pears for our Tuesday Mass. It is most appreciated by STM and the families that received them. Also, all of the children did an amazing job on their “Animal Projects.”  I could not be more proud of them. Thank you for your support.

Week at a Glance:

Math-We will be comparing lengths in meters; we will measure and compare lengths in centimeters; we will solve real world problems using the metric system.

Open Court-we are currently blending words ie, y, ey; building oral language skills and vocabulary; identifying quotation marks in a sentence; identifying elements of a narrative text by choosing an idea for an action tale while using a graphic organizer; coming up with ideas for a realistic story; reading “My Community and Me,” with Author’s Purpose and Point of View and; applying comprehensive strategies; Asking and Answering Questions and Making Connections; investigating Main Ideas and Details.

Religion– we will continue to learn that Baptism is our first sacrament when we receive God’s grace; the water of Baptism is a sign of life. Virtue: Courtesy

Social Studies-continue to study the world around us; compare and contrast climate and weather; read a table chart that organizes info.; the globe is a model of our Earth; make a compass rose; discover the equator and cardinal directions; poles; hemisphere.


*Spelling Test on Friday, November 30, 2018