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Welcome to our Faculty Directory page. Here you will find the complete listing of STM Catholic teachers, organized by elementary school, middle school, and specials. Also, by clicking on a link in the Teacher's Page column below, you will be able to view a teacher's page containing his or her blog posts, multi-media library, resources, and more.

Elementary School
Teacher Grade Level(s) Teacher's Page Links
Mrs. Cheryl Cincilla 1st Grade Visit Mrs. Cincilla
Mrs. Julie Costello 3rd Grade Visit Mrs. Costello
Mrs. Tammy delaCuesta 2nd Grade Visit Mrs. delaCuesta
Mrs. Gretchen DeWolfe 5th Grade Visit Mrs. DeWolfe
Mrs. Barb Doherty 3rd Grade Visit Mrs. Doherty
Mrs. Dee Dornbos 2nd Grade Visit Mrs. Dornbos
Mrs. Mary Hays 1st Grade Visit Mrs. Hays
Mrs. Melissa Hinners 3rd Grade Visit Mrs. Hinners
Mrs. Shari Lamb 4th Grade Visit Mrs. Lamb
Ms. Marissa Lauria 4th Grade Visit Ms. Lauria
Mrs. Sarah McMahon Kindergarten Visit Mrs. McMahon
Mr. Ted Milburn 5th Grade Visit Mr. Milburn
Mrs. Terri Sue Monark 5th Grade Visit Mrs. Monark
Ms. Brigid Ryan 4th Grade Visit Ms. Ryan
Mrs. Pattie Wilcox Kindergarten Visit Mrs. Wilcox
Ms. Kathy Wink 2nd Grade Visit Ms. Wink
Middle School
Teacher Grade Level(s) Teacher's Page Links
Mrs. Abigail Basile 7th Grade, 8th Grade Visit Mrs. Basile
Mrs. Mary Bauer Spanish Visit Mrs. Bauer
Mrs. Bea Donovan 7th Grade, 8th Grade Visit Mrs. Donovan
Mrs. Christy Dorchuck 7th Grade, 8th Grade Visit Mrs. Dorchuck
Ms. Elizabeth Huth 6th-8th Grade Visit Ms. Huth
Mr. Jason Mercado 7th Grade Visit Mr. Mercado
Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Peel 8th Grade Visit Ms. Peel
Mrs. Paula Powers 6th Grade Visit Mrs. Powers
Ms. Kira Weiland 6th Grade Visit Ms. Weiland
All School Specials
Teacher Grade Level(s) Teacher's Page Links
Mrs. Rachel Burkholder Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Mrs. Burkholder
Mr. Eric Dahn Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Mr. Dahn
Mrs. Mary Gasbarro Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Mrs. Gasbarro
Ms. Pilar Heslin Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Ms. Heslin
Mrs. Dana Laessig Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Mrs. Laessig
Mrs. Lori Lucas 6th Grade, Kindergarten-5th Grade Visit Mrs. Lucas
Mrs. Tracie Poniatowski Kindergarten-8th Grade Visit Mrs. Poniatowski
Ms. Sarah Teall Lion's Den Visit Ms. Teall
Mrs. Elaine Woodring Kindergarten-5th Grade Visit Mrs. Woodring

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