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Academic Support Program

STM Catholic School is an academic community of faith that holds its students to high academic standards. It is imperative for students to attempt rigorous tasks that challenge their cognitive abilities so that they are prepared for the demands of Elementary School, Middle School, High School and beyond, but no student has to go it alone.

STM Catholic is committed to the academic success of all students. STM Catholic provides the following Academic Support Programs:

  •  Elementary Level – Kindergarten through Grade 5

The Elementary Academic Support Program is staffed by a Licensed Professional Learning Specialist. This program provides a quiet environment for individual and small group instruction. The Learning Specialist also provides in-class small group direct instruction, interventions and a variety of assessments and consultation services.

  • Middle School Level – Grades 6 through 8

The Middle School Academic Support Program is staffed by a Licensed Professional Learning Specialist. The program strives to help students discover their own processes for learning, using approved accommodations, a supportive relationship with an academic advisor (subject area teachers and Learning Specialist), and a self-awareness of how they learn. Middle school students are encouraged to develop self-advocacy skills.


Social/Emotional Enrichment

STM Catholic also provides social-emotional assistance for students in grades K–8. The Center is staffed by a Licensed Professional Counselor who teaches the Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Program to students in various classrooms and counsels students in need of social-emotional support. The counselor further supports the school community by providing resources and a monthly informational note entitled, Counselor’s Corner.

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