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In the early 1990s, members of the St. Thomas More Catholic community came together to build an exceptional school that reinforces Catholic family values, ensures a solid foundation in the Catholic faith, provides a safe and supportive environment and delivers the highest standard of academic excellence. Since the doors opened in 1994, STM Catholic students have been inspired to believe, strive, and achieve to their fullest potential. They leave the school well-prepared for the academic rigor of high school, but more importantly, they leave with a positive and lasting impression of character, compassion, and commitment. Thanks to the generosity of those who have supported Catholic education, STM Catholic students continue to be blessed with this very special educational opportunity. In order to extend this blessing to future generations, STM Catholic must rely on continuing contributions from those closest to the school – parents, grandparents, alumni, family of alumni, and friends. As a parochial school, STM Catholic operates without financial support from local or state government agencies. The school is sustained entirely by tuition income, parish subsidies, the Endowment Fund, and other annual and ongoing fundraising programs. The Endowment Fund is an important part of STM Catholic’s future success.

Endowment Fund

The STM Endowment Fund was opened in 2001 through The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado to provide permanent funding for tuition assistance, operational expenses and capital projects.  It was created on the conviction that the Fund, carefully managed for growth, would provide a foundation for the long-term stability of the school. Over the last 14 years the Fund has grown steadily. The STM Catholic Annual Golf Tournament net proceeds are deposited each year. Today the school has more promise than ever. It continues to attract outstanding students, faculty and staff and it requires the resources to fuel the energy they bring.

Today, the Endowment Fund needs to be strengthened, not only to enhance the school's educational program, but also to ensure access to all families. If every family makes either a current gift annually or established a planned gift to the Endowment Fund, we can continue to provide for the needs of our students.  Please join us in this effort to pay it forward to the next generation.

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